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Fastest Lap F1

Who has driven the fastest lap at Formula 1 races in 2024? And how exactly does the fastest lap work? You can read all about it here.

F1 fastest lap standings

What is the F1 fastest lap?

The fastest lap speaks for itself, it is the fastest lap driven during the race by a driver. The Formula 1 driver who has driven the fastest lap at that time gets a 'purple clock icon' behind his name. This way, viewers can easily follow who has driven the fastest race lap at that moment. Is the fastest lap improved? Then a message will appear on screen with the driven time and the driver's name, and the purple clock moves to his name.

Bonus point fastest lap F1

Since 2019, it has been introduced that the driver with the fastest lap earns an extra World Cup point during a Grand Prix. However, a condition is that the driver must finish in the top 10. This element could create more excitement in the championship. It could happen that a driver is just one point short of the title. In 2008, when no extra point was awarded for the fastest race lap, Felipe Massa could be world champion instead of Lewis Hamilton.

F1 fastest lap standings

Overview of fastest laps F1 2024

The table below shows the fastest laps per race in the 2024 Formula 1 season.

F1 fastest lap 2024

Grand Prix Driver Time
Bahrain GP Max Verstappen 1:32,608
Saudi Arabian GP Charles Leclerc 1:31,632
Australian GP Charles Leclerc 1:19,813
Japanese GP Max Verstappen 1:33,706
Chinese GP Fernando Alonso 1:37,810
Miami GP Oscar Piastri 1:30,634
Emilia-Romagna GP George Russell 1:18,589

Overview fastest laps F1 by driver 2024

Below, you can see which Formula 1 driver has driven the most fastest laps so far (updated after the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix) and is on his way to the DHL Fastest Lap Award to be presented at the end of the season.

F1 standings fastest lap 2024

Driver Number of fastest laps
Charles Leclerc 2
Max Verstappen 2
Fernando Alonso 1
Oscar Piastri 1
George Russell 1
F1 fastest lap standings

DHL Fastest Lap Award

In addition to the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award, the DHL also has a Fastest Lap Award. The driver who has driven the most fastest laps at the end of a season receives the DHL Fastest Lap Award. This award has been presented since 2007.

Overview of winners DHL F1 standings fastest lap

Year Driver Team Number of fastest laps
2023 Max Verstappen Red Bull 9
2022 Max Verstappen Red Bull 5
2021 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 6
2020 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 6
2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 6
2018 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 7
2017 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 7
2016 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 6
2015 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 8
2014 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 7
2013 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 7
2012 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 6
2011 Mark Webber Red Bull 7
2010 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 5
2009 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 3
2008 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 10
2007 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 6

Top 10 fastest race laps standings by driver ever

The table below shows the top 10 drivers who have driven the most fastest laps ever.

Top 10 overview fastest laps by driver ever

Position Driver Number of fastest laps
1 Michael Schumacher 77
2 Lewis Hamilton 64
3 Kimi Raikkonen 46
4 Alain Prost 41
5 Sebastian Vettel 38
6 Nigel Mansell 30
7 Max Verstappen 30
8 Jim Clark 28
9 Mika Hakkinen 25
10 Fernando Alonso 25

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen are the three drivers currently still racing who can be seen in the top 10. During the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso set the fastest lap, bringing his career total to 25. This moved him into tenth place, surpassing Nikki Lauda, who had 24 fastest laps in his career.

Who has the fastest laps in F1 history?

Currently, Michael Schumacher holds the record for the most fastest laps in Formula 1 history. The German driver recorded a total of 77 fastest laps. He is followed by Lewis Hamilton with 64 fastest laps in total.

What is a lap record in F1?

A lap record in Formula 1 is the fastest time recorded for completing a single lap around a particular circuit during an official session or race. This record is often used as a benchmark for measuring performance and comparing the speed of different cars and drivers on the same track.

What was Max Verstappen's fastest lap?

The fastest lap of Max Verstappen differs per year and circuit. Within the fastest lap standings, Verstappen ranks as sixth with more than 30 fastest laps.

What is a fastest lap in F1?

In Formula 1, the fastest lap refers to the quickest single lap time recorded by a driver during a race. This time is typically achieved during a race when a driver has an opportunity to push their car to its limits without the concern of conserving fuel or tires. The driver who sets the fastest lap during a race earns an additional championship point, provided they finish the race in the top 10.

Is there a reward for the fastest lap in F1?

Yes, there is a reward for the fastest lap in F1. The driver with the fastest lap during a Grand Prix receives one point. However, this driver has to end within the top 10. If a driver outside the top 10 gets the fastest lap, no one will receive the extra point. We've seen a lot of strategic calls to steal the fastest lap in the last laps with fresh tyres, which can make a difference within the championship.
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