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Terms and conditions

These terms of use apply to all websites and applications of RacingNews365.

Any visit to the RacingNews365 website is subject to these terms of use. By visiting the website, you tacitly and unconditionally agree to the applicability of these terms of use (hereinafter: 'the Terms of Use'). RacingNews365 may change these Terms of Use at any time, and the amended Terms of Use are valid from the time they are published. We therefore advise you to regularly check the Terms of Use.

Despite the constant care and attention that RacingNews365 pays to the composition of its websites, it is possible that information published on these websites is not complete, correct or current. The information offered on or via this website can be changed and any changes can be made at any time with immediate effect and without any notice. RacingNews365 does not guarantee that the website will be uninterrupted at all times. RacingNews365 reserves the right to optimise or adapt the technical characteristics and accessibility of the websites without notice. RacingNews365 excludes all liability for any direct or indirect damage, of whatever nature, arising from or in any way related to the use of the website,

Accessing and using our website

You have the right to use our website for private purposes. Commercial use (such as the use of (parts of) the websites to generate advertising income or the (partial) copying of content) is prohibited. You may not hinder the normal operation of our websites, and you undertake to comply with the following rules of conduct on our website:

- Do not infringe the (intellectual property) rights of RacingNews365 or of the authors, in the broad sense, who work on our websites;
- Not hinder the use by other visitors of our websites;
- Do not distribute spam, viruses, malware or other inappropriate messages or information through our websites;
- Do not circumvent or interfere with the security of our websites;
- Do not use resources to search or index (parts of) our websites, such as robots or spiders. Search engines must adhere to the robot.txt protocol;
- For (parts of) the websites for which a registration is required, comply with the rules regarding "Create an account" and "Rules of conduct for visitor reactions to articles" below.
- In case of non-compliance with one or more of these rules of conduct, we reserve the right to deny you access to our website.

Links to Other Websites

Our website contains links to third party websites. This does not necessarily mean that RacingNews365 endorses these websites, agrees with their content or collaborates with these websites in any way. Nor does RacingNews365 give any guarantee about the suitability, correctness, completeness or safety of these websites. RacingNews365 is therefore not responsible for such websites and the information provided on them.

Intellectual property rights

All copyright, database rights and other (intellectual) property rights to the content and design of the RacingNews365 website rest exclusively with RacingNews365 and its licensors. RacingNews365 expressly reserves all rights with regard to the RacingNews365 website. Without the prior written permission of RacingNews365 it is not permitted in any way whatsoever to take over, save, reuse or otherwise reproduce or publish (part of) websites of RacingNews365 in whole or in part, even if the source is mentioned.

Create an account

Registering by creating an account on one or more of our websites, you expressly agree to:

- Provide correct, current and complete information as requested at registration, and update this information immediately upon any changes.

- You will receive a confirmation email from us after registration. Your login details (username and password) are strictly personal. It is not allowed to exploit the login data or give it to third parties for use. If you suspect that your login details have come into the hands of third parties, you are obliged to inform RacingNews365 immediately.

- RacingNews365 has the right to block an account temporarily or permanently at any time, for example if a user, in the opinion of RacingNews365, acts in breach of these Terms of Use.

Rules of conduct when posting content

If you have created an account and the relevant website offers the possibility to post content (such as comments under articles, blog posts, photos, videos, messages on reader forums, etc.), the rules of engagement apply.

So that our websites remain a pleasant place for everyone, we ask you to take into account a few simple rules of engagement:

- Be polite
- Make yourself known
- Try to add something new to the discussion
- Provide arguments for your opinion
- Write an understandable response in good English
- Do not swear at other commenters, authors or persons appearing in pieces
- Do not discriminate, hurt, incite hatred or violence
- Do not be guilty of digital shouting (excessive use of capital letters, question and exclamation marks, etc.)
- Do not use foul language
- Do not post advertisements
- Do not post private data of third parties
- Do not infringe the (intellectual property) rights of others
- Do not link to illegal publications or illegal matters (software, music, etc.)
- Reacting to each other is allowed, but substantively and with arguments. And of course, be respectful
- If you post a link in your comment, please explain why the link is relevant or what it adds to the discussion.

RacingNews365 excludes any liability for any reaction or content posted by you or third parties. You are personally liable and indemnify RacingNews365 against claims from third parties and for related damage, fines and costs related to the comments and content posted by you. Taking the foregoing into account, RacingNews365 reserves the right to delete in reactions without further explanation, to remove them completely or to refuse them.

By posting any content on our websites you give RacingNews365 a perpetual, unconditional license to (further) publish, reproduce, store or otherwise use or exploit this content, or any part thereof, in any way whatsoever, in whatever form or through whatever medium. If you are not a rightholder to the posted content, you must have the permission of the rightholder before you proceed with the posting and state the name of the rightholder if he wishes. You must also have permission from the person portrayed when placing or submitting images.

Privacy and cookies

The RacingNews365 privacy statement and cookie statement apply to any use of the RacingNews365 website and form an integral part of these terms and conditions.

RacingNews365 records additional information regarding the use of RacingNews365 services and collects this information through the use of cookies and other similar techniques. The way in which the data is collected and a description of the purposes can be read in the RacingNews365 cookie statement.

Final provision

These terms of use and any disputes related to them or the use of the RacingNews account are governed by Dutch law. The court in Den Bosch has exclusive jurisdiction with regard to such disputes.

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