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F1 news

The Abu Dhabi F1 track | A detailed look into the Yas Marina Circuit

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is set to conclude the F1 season in 2023, maintaining its traditional position as the season finale, a role it has consistently played since its inception in 2009. Let's have a detailed look into the Abu Dhabi F1 Track - Yas Marina Circuit

Features of the Abu Dhabi F1 track

  • First Grand Prix: 2009
  • Number of laps: 58
  • Circuit Lenght: 5.281km
  • Race distance: 306.183km
  • Lap record: 1:26.103 (Max Verstappen 2021)

Abu Dhabi F1 track on board with Valtteri Bottas

Watch our onboard video with Valtteri Bottas of the Abu Dhabi F1 track to learn more about the braking points, race line, and throttle input for every corner.

Challenging Layout and Technical Corners

The Yas Marina Circuit boasts a challenging layout that demands precision and skill from drivers. With a mix of straights, slow-speed corners, and technical sections, it offers a true test of a car's performance and a driver's ability. Key sections, such as the iconic Turn 1 hairpin and the fast sweeps through the Marina, provide adrenaline-pumping moments for both competitors and spectators.

Spectator points

For spectators, Yas Marina offers a range of vantage points to witness the racing drama up close. From the grandstands overlooking critical corners to the general admission areas providing panoramic views, fans can choose their ideal spots to experience the thrill of F1 racing at Yas Marina.

As the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix once again descends upon the Yas Marina Circuit, anticipation builds for another chapter in its storied history. With its twilight setting, architectural wonders, technical challenges, and insights from top drivers, Yas Marina continues to be a beacon of racing excellence in the world of Formula 1.

Abu Dhabi F1 track | Yas Marina Circuit © Yas Marina

Celebratory donuts & fan farewell in Abu Dhabi

As the final checkered flag waves at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, drivers often indulge in a celebratory ritual that has become synonymous with the conclusion of the F1 season—donuts. This exhilarating display of controlled spins and tire smoke is a driver's way of expressing joy, relief, and, at times, bidding farewell to the season with a flourish. The vast expanse of the Yas Marina Circuit provides the perfect canvas for this high-octane spectacle, as the cars leave behind swirling patterns of tire marks, marking the end of the racing year on a visually stunning note.

Last but certainly not least, the end of the F1 season in Abu Dhabi is an opportunity for the sport to express gratitude to its lifeblood—the fans. Whether in the grandstands, at home, or following through various media, the fans play an integral role in the F1 experience. The conclusion of the season is a moment to salute their unwavering passion, commitment, and the vibrant tapestry they weave around each race weekend. As the sun sets over Yas Marina, it marks not just the end of a season but the beginning of the countdown to the next chapter in Formula 1.

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