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Formula 1

Hamilton and Verstappen at odds over latest controversy

Unsurprisingly, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen didn't see eye to eye on how the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix played out.

To news overview © Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images

In a tense post-race press conference at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton disagreed over the latest controversy between them as the title fight reaches boiling point with a single race remaining.

The pair had a minor collision during the race, as Verstappen slowed to allow Hamilton through after being told to cede position. Verstappen had earlier gone off track at Turns 1 and 2 while he pushed to stay ahead of Hamilton.

As Verstappen attempted to give the place back, Hamilton dramatically ran into the rear of the Red Bull, with Verstappen later given a 10-second time penalty for the clash after the stewards noted his "erratic" braking.

This was separate to the five-second time penalty Verstappen received during the race, which has handed out for leaving the track and gaining an advantage, as he had not given the place back to Hamilton, despite his efforts.

"It doesn't apply to one of us"

When both drivers were asked whether they believe the nature of their wheel-to-wheel battles has changed over the course of the year, as the title battle has intensified, Hamilton denied that he was fighting any differently.

"I don't think I've changed the way that I race," he told media, including RacingNews365.com.

"I think we're seeing multiple incidents this year where, even with Brazil [where the pair had a similar incident at Turn 4], we're supposed to do our racing on the track, in between the white lines, and the rules haven't been clear from the stewards, that those things have been allowed - so that's continued.

"From my understanding, I know that I can't overtake someone and go off track and then keep the position. I think that's well known between all us drivers, but it doesn't apply to one of us, I guess."

Verstappen questions the inconsistency

Verstappen rebutted to question why, on this occasion, he was given a time penalty for an incident he felt was very similar to the one he and Hamilton had during the Brazilian Grand Prix, which was not investigated by the stewards.

That incident was later scrutinised after the weekend to see whether a review would be granted, but was eventually dismissed.

"Well, I find it interesting that I am the one who gets the penalty when both of us ran outside of the white lines," Verstappen said, pointing out that Hamilton had also run wide as the pair battled over the first corner in Jeddah.

"In Brazil it was fine and now suddenly I get a penalty for it. Well, you could clearly see both didn't make the corner, but it's fine."

Verstappen went on to say that, in his own head, he's already moving mentally onto the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

"I mean I also don't really spend too much time on it," he commented.

"We have to move forward. We're equal on points now and I think that's really exciting for the whole championship and Formula 1 in general.

"I said it earlier on my in-lap, I think lately we're talking more about white lines and penalties than actually proper Formula 1 racing, and that's, I think, a little bit of a shame."

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