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This is the top and average speed of a NASCAR race car

NASCAR is known for reaching the amazing top and average speeds on oval tracks, which always provide a spectacle. But are NASCAR race cars faster than Formula 1 cars? Let's delve into the statistics!

NASCAR Daytona 2015 © XPBimages

Average speed of NASCAR

NASCAR, known for its high-speed action-packed races, showcases remarkable speed variations across different tracks. The average speed of NASCARs depends on various factors, including track length, banking, surface type, and race conditions. According to the Gitnux Market Data Report 2024, the average speed of NASCARs is approximately 180 mph (289.68 kph).

On larger tracks like Daytona International Speedway or Talladega Superspeedway, NASCARs reach astonishing speeds, often exceeding 200 miles per hour (mph). The combination of long straightaways and steep banking allows drivers to maintain high speeds throughout the race. In contrast, smaller tracks like Martinsville Speedway or Bristol Motor Speedway feature tighter turns and shorter straightaways, resulting in lower average speeds, typically ranging from 80 to 120 mph.

Factors such as caution periods, pit stops, and changes in race conditions can influence the overall average speed. Additionally, aerodynamic packages, engine power, and tire compounds play significant roles in determining how fast NASCARs can go on any given track.

How is the average speed of NASCAR race cars measured?

The average speed of NASCARs is measured using a speed chart, which tracks the time it takes for cars to complete a lap around the circuit. This data is collected through timing loops embedded in the track surface at various intervals. As cars pass over these loops, their precise timing is recorded, allowing officials to calculate their average speed for each lap.

Are you interested in seeing how fast NASCARs are? Then watch the video below!

Top speed of a NASCAR race car

As discussed above, the top speed of NASCAR race cars differs per track. The track length, banking, surface type, and race conditions can influence the top speed of the vehicle. The top speed of a NASCAR is approximately just over 199.46 mph (321 kph).

Is NASCAR faster than F1?

No, NASCAR is not faster than F1. The top speed and acceleration of Formula 1 cars are higher than those of NASCARs.

NASCAR Average Speed by Track

For some tracks, the Gitnux Market Data Report 2024 gathered the highest average NASCAR speed by track. You can find the statistics in the table below.

Average speed by track overview

Track Highest average speed (mph)
Bristol 101.074 mph
Indianapolis Motor Speedway 139.202 mph
Las Vegas Motor Speedway +-140 mph
Dover 144.896 mph
Charlotte motor speedway 153.485 mph
Top speed of a nascar race car © XPBimages

How fast do NASCAR cars go on average?

The average NASCAR race car speed differs per race track. For example, during the 2023 Daytona 500 edition, according to the speed chart, the average speed of a NASCAR race car was 194.22 mph (312.57 kph).

What is the fastest NASCAR speed ever recorded?

The fastest NASCAR speed ever recorded was 212 mph (341 kph), achieved by Bill Elliott during qualifying for the Winston 500 at Talladega in 1987.
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